Office Wish-list - Summer Sale

19 July 2013

What's better than buying new shoes? Buying new shoes in a really good sale, that's what! Office have some huge markdowns in their sale right now, here's my pick of the best including Jeffrey Campbells for £30, Nike Blazers for £40 and summer sandals for under ten pounds...

1. Jeffrey Campbell - Martini Pearls. From £95 to £30.
2. Office - Mick Suede and Leather Pumps. From £58 to £17.60.
3. Office - Unearth Tan Leather Shoe. From £55.00 to £19.20.
4. Office - Fraction Action Black Leather Heel. From £55.00 to £23.20
5. Office - Objection Red Suede Pump. From £65 to £22.40
6. Office - Imp Elastic Sandal. From £28 to £8.80
7. Nike - Suede Vintage Exclusive Blazers. From £69.99 to £40


Midi Summer Sunshine

14 July 2013

DRESS - Matalan (similar here)  SHOES - Matalan. (Similar here).  BELT - Topshop (old - similar here).  ACCESSORIES/HEADBAND - Various
Well hello sunshine! I still can't believe how long this amazing spell of good British weather is lasting! I've had very little chance to make the most of it with being at work but had time to squeeze in these outfits photos on Friday (big thanks to my sister for taking them!).

Anyone care to take a guess as to where these lovely shoes are from? I got them a little while ago and would you believe it, they're from Matalan and so is the midi-dress. I wanted the dress in grey originally but it wasn't in my size and this colour works perfectly with the tan shoes. Hoping that the sun sticks around so I can get a little more wear out of both this summer!

Beauty Review - Seventeen Blusher

7 July 2013

Having worked for a premium beauty brand most of last year, I've been pretty convinced that you get what you pay for in terms of quality and lasting-power of make-up. But my view on this changed a couple of weeks ago when I went away for a few days and managed to leave my whole make-up supply, bag, brushes and all, at home. So organised - I know! I decided to buy a few essentials from cheaper brands that I haven't used for a long time, and I'll admit I didn't have high expectations. I picked up six items for under £15 - a mixture of Seventeen and Natural Collection from Boots. They have a buy one get the second half price offer on at the moment so they were even cheaper than usual.  

Maybe I hit it lucky, but of the six items I purchased I'd recommend five, and the best by far was this Seventeen Blusher. The pigment in it is great, only the smallest amount is needed on the brush to get good colour and it lasts just as long on the skin as some of my favourite premium brand products. I went for the colour Damson Wine as it's somewhere between bronze and blush, with a slight plum tone as the name suggests.

 I often find cheaper brands go overboard on the glitter front, but again, I was impressed with the subtle shimmer of this blusher. The neat little pot makes it perfect handbag size, and at just £3.49 it wouldn't be too disastrous if it got damaged on the go - better than risking your favourite expensive blusher on a night out!

So all in all, really good value for money in terms of quality and it's currently replacing all others in my make-up bag so I'd definitely recommend.

British Brand - Neon Wetsuits

2 July 2013

If you could choose any sport to be good at, what would it be? For me it would have to be surfing, it looks like a powerful force of freedom.

Image Credit: Neon Wetsuits on Instagram
I've tried surfing twice, once in the icy depths off the coast of Cornwall and once in Costa Rica. On both occasions I've had some serious swimwear issues. Much to the amusement of my family, in Newquay I started off the surfing with my head-to-toe wetsuit on backwards, and in Costa Rica wearing a bikini backfired when my two-week-tan was almost exfoliated off due to board-burn on my bare stomach. I've managed a total of ten seconds stood vertical on a surfboard before crashing to the sand (cue yet more issues with the bikini!), but I imagine that once you master surfing, the feeling would be pretty addictive and hard to beat.

On the off chance that my swimwear is to blame for my slow progress in surfing - rather than my lack of core strength or balance - I have found the perfect brand to solve the problem. The label Neon Wetsuits was created by Elsie Pinniger, a surfing enthusiast based in Newquay, where all of the wetsuits are currently made under one roof. Elsie couldn't find a wetsuit that ticked all of the boxes for her, so she gave up looking and made one herself.

 Neon Wetsuits are made from neoprene, a fabric which protects you from the board-burn I mentioned earlier. Neon swimsuits and separates are available online in a range of vibrant colours with sea-inspired patterns on the suits including wave-like and scallop shapes. And the best part? You get to select your own colours for whichever style you choose. I'm all for the personal touch provided by a business, so I really love this about the brand. And even if wearing a Neon Wetsuit won't automatically make me a better surfer, at least I'd look a little bit more professional when falling off a board!

Who & Why

1 July 2013

DRESS - Dorothy Perkins.    BOOTS - New Look.    WATCH - Asos.    RINGS - Various markets.    NECKLACE - Dorothy Perkins.     BAG - H&M.

Welcome to Flow.
For as long as I can remember fashion has always been my 'thing' and I've always been better at words than numbers, so a fashion blog just seems to make sense.

The story so far; I'm 22, have a degree in Psychology (I'll admit it - really didn't know what career I wanted when I  decided on my degree subject age 18!) and currently working out the answer to "So, what next?".

I cannot think of anything worse than working in an industry that I have no real passion for my whole life. So I'm determined to do something I love. I have so many ideas, dreams and ambitions for the future and although I'm not exactly sure which path to follow just yet, I do know that all paths link back to fashion.

Flow is a window into my world.
 A space for me to share the things I love, my experiences, inspiration and style with you. I hope you enjoy it!